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Wheel Alignment / Tracking

Wheel alignment or tracking refers to the proceedure of lining up the components of your steering including the camber and toe. Wheels that are not aligned properly can wear out your tyres a lot quicker and along with steering and handling issues it can also damage the suspension system of your car.

Possible warning signs or indications showing that your vehicles wheel alignment is out include a constant steering pull to one side, a squeaky tyre noise when making turns, possible vibrations the faster you travel and an instant change in direction where the car just drags to the other side when you hit a bump on the road. Other signs include looking at the tyre for uneven wear especially on the inside shoulder or outside, if your tyres are wearing down excessively on the inside or outside on both tyres then this could be down to the alignment being out. If your vehicle is steering on one side you should also look for other signs including tyre wear in most cases there are other issues including uneven tyre pressure or even tyre wear which can cause the vehicle to steer one side.

Nowadays wheel alignment is measured by laser beams, replacing the good old fashioned Dunlop Parallel Alignment Bars. At Autofit we use a Supertracker 4 Wheel Alignment Gauge which allows us to do most adjustments on most cars.

There are some motorists who confuse wheel alignment with wheel balancing. When a new tyre is purchased from Autofit the cost includes having the tyre balanced to the wheel. Having the wheel alignment checked is a totally stand alone procedure which requires the use of a ramp and needs to be requested.

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