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Service Modules

We offer 3 types of service - Bronze, Silver and Gold. To make your choice as easy as possible we have listed all the checks which will be carried out on each type of service. Simply select the one you would like.

An Interim or Small Service including replacement engine oil and filter and a visual inspection of the front brake discs and pads.

When a Bronze Service covers a period of 12 Months or more we recommend the inclusion of a fuel additive and oil flush to make a Silver Service.

A full industry standard, as recognised by the nationally run and recognised Good Garage Scheme including fuel and oil flushes for optimum performance. Also known as a full service or annual service.

Factors that may affect the cost of your service

Oil (Br/Si/ Go) Modern vehicles use a complex range of oils including semi-synthetic and fully synthetic types. It is essential to use the correct oil type and the correct volume. Every service starts with us using the Autodata database to check the right oil type and volume for your car.

Spark Plugs (Si/ Go) Modern cars do not necessarily change spark plugs every year. Long life plugs commonly last two years and some as long as five years (although this can cause problems with the screw threads). Platinum and Irridium tipped plugs can be dramatically more expensive. We will check and tell you if plugs are not needed and reduce the price accordingly.

Fuel Filters (Go) Some fuel filters can be very specialised and this can affect the price.

Pollen Filter (Go) If necessary these are always quoted as an extra item at an additional cost. Manufacturers Service. European Block Exemption Regulations ensure that any car can retain its warranty so long as two conditions are met. Parts used must be at the Original Equipment specification AND the manufacturers service schedule must be followed. We use the Autodata programme to identify the schedule. If you would like a service that follows the manufacturers schedule please ask for a separate quote. We will take your details and call you back with a price.

Advisory Notes (Br/Si/ Go) In the course of a service some items that are checked, but are not routinely changed, may require attention. We call these Advisories. Where possible the Technician servicing your vehicle will contact you with this information giving you a price and asking you to confirm if you want the extra work done at the additional price quoted. Items such as brake fluid changes or wheel cylinders can be done at the time; occasionally an advisory item will need to be booked in at a later date.

If an item is checked on the service, but not included in the price, requires attention we will contact you and give you a price before doing anything. We will keep replaced parts for your inspection when you collect your vehicle.

Fuel Flush We include an advanced formula petrol treatment or diesel treatment with every Gold Service (and as an option on the Silver Service plus) because we think that this FORTE product enhances your car's engine performance, cleaning the fuel system and decontaminating (petrol engine) the lamda sensor (thereby improving the air/fuel mixture).We are convinced that a Full service is not complete without this treatment which is why it is included within the price of the service and not as an extra.

Oil Flush We include an advanced oil flush treatment with every Gold Service (and as an option on the Silver service plus) because thistreatment has a dramatic effect upon the oil change. The treatment is run in the engine and circulated at heat before the oil is drained. The effect is to remove significantly greater amounts of slurry and residue when the old oil is drained. The real impact is seen after a few days or weeks of running when the new oil still looks new and can protect your engine far more effectively. We are convinced that a Full service is not complete without this treatment which is why it is included within the price of the service and not as an extra.

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