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Runflat Tyres

The Runflat tyre also called Run on Flat is a fairly new innovation. A Runflat tyre is able to continue to work when an ordinary tyre would fail and need to be changed. You can continue driving with no air in the tyre. The technology used in the Runflats allows it to support the weight of the car where an ordinary tyre would cripple under the force. Runflat tyres should not be fitted to cars that do not have some form of pressure monitoring system because that is the only way you would know you had a puncture.

Cars fitted with Runflats will experience a harder drive because of the reinforced sidewalls which have very little flex. There has been some improvement of this issue in some of the newer Runflats.


The name says it all, these tyres are able to seal themselves up if it is punctured. Self Sealing tyres contain an extra lining which is basically a puncture sealant, this sealant automatically seals punctures when a bolt or nail pierces through the tread. Self-sealing tyres are not so common as the Runflats. Most commonly made and used by Continental, who have named it the Continental Conti Seal.

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