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Air Conditioning

Most manufacturers advise that air-conditioning systems are recharged every two years as refrigerant leaches out of the system. Air-conditioning should be used regularly throughout the year to ensure that seals etc are regularly lubricated.

Air-conditioning Re-gas

The re-gas process costs from £60+VAT (£72.00) by itself, or from £50+VAT (£60.00) as part of a service. It is an automated process which takes about 45 minutes once connected. We will ask you to sign a briefing fact sheet.

The proceedure involves its own vacuum leak check, and a visual inspection of visible components is carried out. The system is lubricated during the final stage of the re-gassing. Upon completion there is a computer printout of gas recovered and gas recharged in the system and we check the new cabin temperature.

Fault Indicators

A. If a leak/component failure is found in the system then there-gas cannot be continued due to environmental legislation. Cost incurred at this stage will be £25+VAT (£30.00). The re-gas process will be stopped and the customer can choose to leave or book the car in at a later date for further investigation.

B. It is also possible that a blockage can occur, whereby the problem does not become apparent until the re-gassing process is nearly complete. This is shown by everything (vacuum tests etc) reading normally until the very end when the car will only accept a percentage of the replacement gas. A computer printout indicates weight of gas accepted and this is compared to correct capacity. At this stage the process needs to be terminated pending diagnostic investigation. We can recover the refrigerant and will charge £30+VAT (£36.00). The car then needs to be taken away and booked in for investigation, at additional cost, at a later date.

C. Occasionally a system will lose refrigerant gas over a few days or weeks following what appears to have been a sucessful re-gas. If this occurs the vehicle will need to be booked in for a full diagnostic procedure. There is a minimum cost that this will incur which depends upon the fault indicators.

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